Northern Bahamian Rock Iguanas in the Exuma Cays Bahamas

I spent an hour on this tiny uninhabited island in the Exumas surrounded by Northern Bahamian Rock Iguanas (Cyclura cychlura).

There’s one on the left in the first photo.

Northern Bahamian Rock Iguanas are part of a group of large lizards known as the West Indian Rock Iguanas. These amazing creatures are recognized as amongst the most endangered lizards on the planet (they are listed as Vulnerable). The population has decreased by at least 50% over the last 50 years. The main factor that is threatening this species with extinction is hunting by humans. The Bahamian Rock Iguana is the only Caribbean species of iguana which is still regularly hunted for food for human consumption.

Like all Cyclura species, the northern Bahamian rock iguana is primarily herbivorous, consuming flowers, fruits, and leaves. This diet is very rarely supplemented with insect larvae, crabs, slugs, or dead birds. I fed them purple grapes and they definitely enjoyed them! ?


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